Pablo Paez / Peru


Pablo Paez is an award winning Realtor who mainly help the Latino Community in Vancouver. He specializes in buying and selling properties and also he had created a team of professionals  with good expertise and all of them speak Spanish, so the Latin community can understand the process better. Pablo and his Team members do seminars in a regular way as well, to help the Latino Community to understand the importance of buying their own home and creating equity vs renting and making somebody else rich. They provide all the tools that a client may need in the process of  buying or selling Real Estate.


Son of a Peruvian father and Mexican mother, Pablo studied Administration and Marketing at the Panamericana University from Aguascalientes, Mexico. After graduation , he worked for 4 years in the business area, and then he came back to Peru to work as the Commercial Manager of the Mexican Embassy.

In 2001, he came to Vancouver as a resident to study English and his beginnings in Canada began as the one from many others, from scratch! He worked in construction, in Subway, etc. but he always understood that it would be something temporary and that later on he could take his life to a new level.

In 2003 he completed a post-graduate degree in business and then he worked with the famous T. Harv Ecker. Also in 2003 he met his wife here in Vancouver and now they have 2 children, Pablo Jr who is 10 and Marcelo who is 6 years old.

‘I was looking for something more than a 9 to 5 job, something different and significant; until in 2005 my wife invited me to a conference by Robert Kiyosaki, the author of ‘Poor Dad, Rich Dad’. It was at that moment that I knew that I had to enter the world of real estate ‘- Pablo pointed out.

It is a great pride for him to have Peruvian and Mexican blood, to be part of the 2 most important cultures of Latin America, to be PE-MEX (Peruvian-Mexican); apart from soccer, his passion lies in being able to help The Latino Community to buy and/or sell their house so that they can create and enjoy a better life.

Currently Pablo Paez, is a successful Real Estate Investor & Realtor. He started investing in Real Estate since 2006 and then he became a Realtor in 2012. He and his team of professionals can help you sell your home or purchase your next property. He is passionate about real estate, whether it is used as an investment tool, a business, or as a personal residence, but he believes in its power to make dreams come true.


Pablo is a Director of the Mexican Business Association of Canada, organization dedicated to help individuals to grow their businesses. He is also a creator of a Meet up group (Tri-City Business and Referral Network), group who has helped many individuals to connect and take their business to a new level. It should also be noted that Pablo was nominated in 2015 in the Business Entrepreneur category in the Inspirational Latin Award Ceremony event and also, he has been recognized as Top Realtor in 2016 by his industry. Pablo will always do the extra step to help other obtain their dream here in Canada as he has.