Silvana Goldemberg / Argentina


Silvana Goldemberg is an educator and award-winning author of over twenty books and magazines for children, youths and teachers in Spanish and English.

When Silvana came to Canada in 2003, she felt a lack of resources for both Spanish speakers and those seeking to learn the language. From that moment onwards being an enterprising, skillful, and creative woman, with strong interpersonal skills and the plasticity to accept new challenges.


Silvana founded the first Spanish Book Fair in Vancouver sponsored by the Vancouver Public Library, that now includes Portuguese, celebrating the two Latin American languages. 

Her book “Victoria” was distinguished by BC Book Prizes as one of the five outstanding books for children by a British Columbian author published in 2013. The novel for preteens and young adults follows a teenage girl living in the streets of Argentina. Silvana chose this story to relay to Canadian children what life is like for millions of children their age in Latin America. 

Silvana also believes in mutual enrichment of both cultures, Canadian and Latin American. Her manuscript “Charlie and the Pirates of Steveston” is being evaluated by a Canadian publish house. This is a chapter book about a little boy whose family immigrated to Steveston, the fishing village in Richmond, B.C., where Silvana lives with her family and their three adopted dogs.

Currently, she is working on her most beloved project, one she is co-authoring with a close friend, a First Nations man who was stolen from his birth parents by the federal government when he was a baby to be raised by a non Native family.
In October 2018, Silvana will be leading a workshop for teachers called Learning Spanish trough Word Games, at the annual Conference of BC Association of Teachers of Modern Languages. 

Silvana wills to continue spreading the languages of Latin American to deepen connections with our roots as well as our relations with the other communities in Canada.


Silvana has become an active advocate to ensure Spanish lovers can continue to enjoy & cultivate the language in Vancouver.  How? Volunteering as a storyteller and leading workshops for all ages in Public Libraries, Family Places, Spanish Fairs, Storytelling Festivals; as well as writing for Spanish publications, including ‘Somos Colombia’ magazine, ‘Milenio’ newspaper, and ‘Sección Latina Directory’.