Sergio Negrete / Mexico


Sergio Negrete was born and raised in Mexico City and in 2005 he relocated to Canada with his family, including two children; Kenya & Adrian. His children being the driving force for any personal endeavour, adapting to a new lifestyle played a key role for the duality of culture that his family has been able to acquire while living abroad. With the acquisition of new cultural diversities, Sergio Negrete’s interpersonal and business development skills provided a template for which a communal project has the potential to become a leader in the uncompetitive thereby ordinary spanish media presence in Vancouver.


Sergio Negrete’s innovating vision lead to the success of one of the most important transportation businesses in Mexico City; Transportes Negrete that was host to numbers prestigious individuals and corporations in the city. Due to the relocation to Canada Mr. Negrete’s event production skills came in to play when he founded NetProductions in August of 2015 who’s consistent positive reviews by the community and media consequently lead to formation of NetRadioOnline in August 2016. In order to provide the community with a credible Spanish media platform Mr. Negrete ruthlessly high standards for content creation and community interaction is what keeps NetRadio’s family members motivated to execute pristine material to keep the Canadian mosaic mesmerize with the abundance of culture that Latin America has to offer.


NetRadioOnline communal service for the bilingual masses in the Lower Mainland consists of providing media coverage of cultural, sports, and social events that are in the interest of the audience. As well, with the production of events that play a role in bringing a Latin American  community together that in numbers is vast, but in organization and entertainment is poor. The emotions felt when ever the audience is able to taste a little bit of home by attending such events provides a reason to keep innovating ideas to generate a greater voice for the Latin Community  and those interested.