Michael Reyes / Dominican Republic


Michael is an amateur musician,a self taught instrumentalist composer and singer. He is a hopeless romantic who believes in all forms of love and respect in the world.

Initially, he aspired to be professional baseball player. However, he later had a severe accident that would no longer allow him to pursue that dream. This is what eventually led him to find his place in music. He is now a firm believer in that everything happens for a reason. Through his voice and his music he has been able to share his passion for music and latin culture with Canada. He has used music as an excuse to bring people together musically and for noble causes like for fundraisers and charities.


His artistic career began at the age of 13 learning to play the piano, bass, congas, guira and bongos. By the age of 16 he began to play in recognized Merengue bands in the Dominican Republic. In 2009, he moved to Montreal, Canada where he began to take part in a variety of Bachata Bands (Freddy Anthony, Rosa Rosa, Moreno Blanco, Chilin Papa, and others) as a percussionist and back up singer. In 2014 he founded his own band and project “ROMANCE” which in the first year had 12 live shows and later 27 live shows in 2016. This nominated “ROMANCE” as New artist of the year in 2015 and later nominated and won the “Popular artist of the year” title in 2016 for Latin Awards Canada.

The greatest challenge for “ROMANCE” was to grow as an Artist in such a large city where there are many other Bachata Bands with long professional musical careers. The best way he found to overcome this was by staying humble, not competing but rather always keep learning, innovating and composing. Michael took the challenge and made it into a motivation to always keep moving forward instead.

Now based in Vancouver, “ROMANCE” has had over 20 live shows in 2017 across Canada and proudly continues to share his passion for music and his Dominican culture through each and everyone of his shows.

Michael Reyes strongly believes in the importance of giving back to the community and specifically working to help the less fortunate. He founded” La Fundacion ILS ONT AUSSI LE DROIT” in 2015, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the homeless with food, and clothes during harsh winters. In Montreal, at the end of every month, a group of 48 volunteers gather to spread across 16 metro stations to hand out food to the homeless. In December 2015, the same was done in Hastings, Vancouver. Below is a link to a video about the foundation.