Julia Mariuska Hodgins / Peru


Julia has professional  experience in private, public, and non-profit  sectors in Canada and South America. She is proficient in English and Spanish, also able to communicate in French. Has lived in 3 different countries  (Peru, Bolivia and Canada) and 3 provinces of Canada (Alberta, BC and Ontario). Currently resides with her husband in Port Coquitlam. Julia holds a B.A. Majored in Sociology with concentration in Social Research.


Julia moved to Canada  in 2006 after marrying, initially to Alberta  where she was recognized for 100+ hours of volunteering an ESL Tutor of an only-Spanish  speaker in between 2008-2009. After moving to BC in Dec 2010, she enrolled in UFV to complete her bachelor and graduated in 2014 with an outstanding GPA A of 3.72. She also earned an Arts Associated  with GPA 3.74 in 2012.

Her greatest accomplishments: graduating with such high marks in a second language (English), and successfully integrating into a new country/culture/weather/language, to the point of becoming a supporter, as well as builder, of communities and causes.

Passionate about community and people, able to greet and thank in many languages despite have not formally learned those. considers herself a lifetime learner always ready to receive and exchange.


Besides her professional activities, Julia constantly joins causes and initiatives as a volunteer in diverse capacities ranging from ground activities to leading, producing, and creating. On a permanent basis, she is the volunteer radio-producer, show host and RJ in CIVL campus and community radio more than 3 years of uninterrupted broadcasting. This show is a channel to share content (music, films, inspirational stories & interviews, news, etc) about Latin America and Latin Americans living and operating in Canada, emphasizing the ones in BC.

Along this road, Julia has also produced a 66 min. docu-podcast about “Indigenous languages in Music”, and 2 other mini-radio documentaries about multilingualism after interviewing 2 latin-origin Canadians for the project Rendez Vous de la Francophonie.