Javier Badillo / Venezuela


Javier not only beat the odds migrating to Canada by himself – he also allowed his unbridled optimism, his friendly personality, and his passion for creating meaningful art, to open the doors needed to survive and thrive in the highly competitive Vancouver independent movie and music businesses. Javier has won numerous accolades for his music and independent movies at international festivals (and has even been invited to the Cannes International Film Festival on three separate occasions), has attained leadership positions in a number of film non-profit institutions, and has performed his music alongside world-class Latin Grammy winning artists.


Javier had a successful stint drawing animated cartoons for studios working for Disney, Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon – but the harsh isolating nature of the corporate career pushed Javier to leave his comfort zone, quit his lucrative desk job, and join a number of not-for-profit film educational institutions, where he could find the opportunity to support other up-and-coming film artists, and grow as an artist. Javier focuses his efforts in writing, producing and directing meaningful dramatic and comedic movies through his company Spitshine Flicks. His movies have won international film awards and official selections at numerous events, including the Edmonton International Film Festival, Harrogate (UK) International Film Festival, Hoboken (NY) International Film Festival, as well as winning broadcast on PBS/WNet television in New York. Javier’s movies have been

invited to participate at the Cannes International Film Festival on three separate years.

Javier also spends time writing, performing and marketing the upbeat, Latin-fusion rock music of his band “Caracas” to North American audiences – with the help of his younger brother Victor, his only family member in Canada. Caracas (named after the city they were born in) has enjoyed major successes in its seven years of activity. His band toured in Mexico, won music awards in Los Angeles, performed the main stage at the Vancouver Dragon Boat Festival on two occasions (among hundreds of other live gigs), and shared the stage with Latin Grammy award winning artists Jarabe dePalo (Spain) and Gondwana (Chile).

To support himself through these mostly unpaid endeavors, Javier works minimum-wage jobs as barista – a job he now enjoys for the opportunity he gets to meet new people every day and provide them with a daily dose of warm smiles and hot coffees! (You can find Javier happily working away at the long-running family-owned coffee establishment The Laughing Bean, on Hastings and Slocan). To make ends meet, Javier also works part-time at the Vancouver Public Library, where he gets to be part of a much larger community-driven institution. A year shy of turning 40, Javier has found a sustainable balance between his passion for the arts and his commitments to the health of his community.


Javier became the volunteer Regional Director for the UK-based International Filmmakers Society, “Raindance”, founding the Vancouver chapter in 2012, and subsequently connecting many new independent filmmakers. In the same year he also became the volunteer Moderator for the “Institute for International Film Financing” (a public forum for independent filmmakers), as well as the Programming Director of the Vancouver Short Film Festival, where to this day he curates the films and supports the careers of hundreds of BC-based filmmakers – for no remuneration, other tan watching his film community grow to world-class levels.

To create his independent films and music, Javier involves and includes his community at large, often collaborating with First Nations bands, high school students and under-represented minority groups (including People of Color, the LGBTQ community, Syrian refugees, and women) while raising thousands of dollars through community fundraisers for each one of his artistic projects.