Chafika Eddine / Brazil


Chafika’s volunteering efforts include six years as a Director of the Board for the Peruvian Canadian Chamber of Commerce and two years as the Executive Director for the Western Canada. She is one of the founders of the Global Change for Children Foundation and has been previously involved with several fundraising initiatives focused on children’s education and health in Latin America and elsewhere. She has a legal background in addition to certifications as project management professional and corporate social responsibility practitioner and has a Master’s degree in Community Development from the University of Victoria. She has managed international projects in a dozen of countries in Latin America to promote best practices and continuous improvement in areas such as sustainability and governance. Her multicultural experience has honed her commitment to excellence in building relationships and shaped her profile as a connector and an accomplished sustainability ambassador. She was born in Brazil and lived in several other countries including Peru, Bolivia and Panama.


Before moving to Canada in 2005, Chafika’s efforts with community involvement  were around creating a better Christmas for less fortunate children which was accomplished  by helping orphanages in Latin America to ensure children had clothes and toys for Christmas. Once in Canada Chafika started raising money on her birthday  party to help children in Peru. In 2006 she started a travel/wine club in Vancouver for women to socialize and network: The Sisterhood of the Cork.

The Sisterhood  has had over 30 wine meetings  since its conception and several  fabulous trips such as: trekking and camping on the Andes from Cusco to Machu Picchu in Peru and then to the Amazon Jungle, Laos and Cambodia, Egypt and a sailing trip in the British Virgin Islands.

Many friendship circles and networks derived from the Sisterhood and in 2007 Chafika and some of her friends created the Global Change for Children  Foundation (GC4C).

GC4C was registered in BC with the objective of financing initiatives to promote the enhancement of health, social and economic development of less fortunate children. Although a modest initiative, almost C$300,000 was raised so far and has funded a variety of programs in several countries including Canada, Nicaragua, Peru, Laos and Kenya. The projects include building and furnishing libraries, science labs, classrooms and kitchens as well as breakfast / lunch programs and workshops on life skills, career choices and sense of community. With the help of many GC4C has been making a positive difference in the lives of children around the world. GC4C is a 100% volunteer based. Here is a one-minute video of one of her visits to a school project in Peru Chafika’s work involved being in the field and liaising with local communities, lndijenous and First Nations in Bolivia, Peru and Canada. These experiences evolved around conflict resolutions and building capacity for community participation in sustainable development. During one of her field trips in Peru Chafika met some Nuns and ended up coaching them to find alternative options to raise money for their charity work.

During the three years Chafika lived in Toronto she volunteered for food banks through the Rotary Club and coached a team of MBA students from the University of Toronto through a Sustainability Competition. She was invited to join the Peruvian-Canadian Chamber of Commerce Board there, and when she moved back to Vancouver in 2012 she was appointed the Executive Director for Western Canada.

While studying to complete her Masters degree in Community Development at the University of Victoria, Chafika was Awarded with a Ted Whelen Scholarship for two consecutive years and was sponsored by the International Activities Fund for her research  in India.


Chafika has helped raising about $300,000 for the Global Change for Children Foundation. She is making a great contribution to the business community by encouraging the Western Canada in engaging with the Peruvian Canadian Chamber of Commerce. Her great contribution though is connecting people and creating opportunities for them to build new networks, in addition to engaging more and more people to volunteer with her. Chafika is a respected voice and advocate of Human Rights and Business ethics and was a guest speaker and presenter at Uvic, UBC, Ryerson University, Ministry of Energy and Mines of British Columbia, PRIA/UNESCO and several international conferences in Canada, USA and Peru.