Alfonso Quijada / El Salvador


Mr. Quijada has just sold his latest full length feature film “La Palabra de Pablo” (Pablo’s Word) to HBO (USA) – and Sony for Latin America market and he is at the moment negotiating the sales of the film to the European and Asian markets.  This is the first film in Salvadorian’s history to reach this level of international exposure around the world. The movie is coming out in theatres in Sept/27th in the theatres of El Salvador. LPDP has been part of 6 film festivals around the world thus far; including the prestigious AFI  (American Film Institute) and NY Latino Film Festival.

Mr. Quijada is preparing to direct the film “El Suspiro del Silencio” (The Whisper of Silence) – a film he was hired to write and direct by Red Castle Films, a Vancouver based production company.  The film will shoot in Central America with a multi award winning team.

Mr. Quijada has produced 4 award winning full length feature films and 11 short films. His films have been in 45 film festivals around the world and won 15 film awards.  He was one of the writers of the TV series “Duality” for Televisa-USA and Pantelion, with show runner Barry Schkolnick (writer of Law & Order).

Mr. Quijada’s company Sivela Pictures has been financing films in Latin America for the last 10 years; him and his company were the first to finance films in El Salvador.


As a producer a key component to his work is arranging all the levels of financing,  most of the financing he has raises it through a group of financiers and private investors who he has worked with for many years. Once financing is in place then sponsors and/or soft financing is arranged. A producer must have a deep understanding of financing,  structure and creativity.

He began as a professional theatre actor in the early 90’s – this lead him into writing screenplays years later – which eventually pushed his confidently into producing films.

“In short I can tell you that I don’t see my life and/or career made up of challenges but more like opportunities … some better than the other ones – but all forward moving opportunities”.


As a filmmaker my main objective is to create films that inspire positive social changes. I have worked in the film industry for more than 30 years – the journey has been inspirationally beautiful and I love sharing the process to future filmmakers.