Adrianne Valentina Marcano / Venezuela


“I believe that her joy and passion for the music is an inspiration for others”, description by her current Orchestra Conductor. At the short age of 15 years old, this young musician obtained the Gold medal from the “Music Festival of the British Columbia Conservatory of Music 2017”. Because of her high level of performance, she was invited to participate in the “Annual Concerto Competition of the VYSO” where she was the unique representation of Latin America. Her relevant musical career in her home country was evidenced in the “Venezuela Symphony Orchestras system” she held the position of “Concert Master” for four seasons in a row. Today, she develops her works as a violinist in the “Vancouver Youth Symphony Orchestra” since 2014, in the “Moscrop Orchestra”, and as a violin teacher in “Harmony Do Re Mi Music School” while she is working to obtain her Diploma as a professional Violinist from the British Columbia Conservatory of Music. In 2018, Adrianne achieved the first place in both baroque and classical violin competitions being the highest mark of both categories. Therefore earning a gold medal from the BCCM in the award ceremony.


Nominee’s Background: Violinist, representing the “Children and youth System of Symphony Orchestras of Venezuela”. Concertmaster for four seasons (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012). Since 2014 with 12 years old, she is accepted to present an audition to the Vancouver Youth Symphony Orchestra. After that, she was invited to join this organization due to her high level as a violinist and is one of the two unique representations of Latin America in the Orchestra. Due to her good development, she was invited to do interviews and performances within the Vyso. Also, she was invited to participate in the “Annual Concerto Competition 2016” promoted by this institution, where she emphasized not only as an excellent violinist but also as the only Latin representation in this competition. In March 2017, Adrianne was contacted by the British Columbia Conservatory (BCCM) to integrate the ranks of violinists and professional graduates of the BCCM. In May 2017, She won the Gold Medal in the Music Festival of the Conservatory of Music in the Violin category, once again the unique Latin in this competition. When contacted by the BCMEA  Honour String Orchestra to perform with them, Adrianne was the only Latin musician of this orchestra as well. With joy and passion, she enjoys representing her country in all of these different areas. Being proud of her roots and origins she keeps on developing in the musical field and looking forward to achieving her goals as a professional violinist.


Currently, Adrianne is involved in “Moscrop Orchestra” (the High school where she is attending)  as a part of the orchestra she is helping kids teaching violin like a volunteer. The Orchestra conductor said about her: “I believe that her joy and passion for the music is an inspiration for others”. Also, she has volunteer hours as a violin teacher in “Do, Re, Mi adventures” where she is involved in recitals and performance as a motivation for the young musicians.