Award About

At Latincouver, empowering people has always been one of our priorities. The Inspirational Latin Awards is our way of recognizing the outstanding achievements of individuals from the Latin American community in BC and in some cases, overseas too. The nomination categories recognize the achievements of art & culture to innovations. The Inspirational Latin Awards 2017 is in the 5th edition of its kind.


Business Entrepreneur Award

A Latin American who has gone the extra mile to promote, enhance and facilitate all sorts of changes in the business community. He/she has committed tremendously to attain goals in helping the BC economy grow and flourish by proposing new concepts, creating employment opportunities or other initiatives.

Arts & Culture Award

A Latin American who has shown exceptional support and commitment to a cultural, environmental or artistic cause. His/her outstanding contribution in service has truly inspired others to realize that they too can make a difference in others’ lives.

Waldo Briño Award

Waldo Briño is an award to recognize people who work to support the Latin American community and make an impact in his/her own community.

Sports & Athletic Award

A Latin American who has provided meaningful contributions to sports as a leader, builder, advocate, etc. His/her hard work and dedication in the athletic field has inspired other generations.

Non-Latino making an impact Award

An altruistic member of the society donating generously to the growth of the Latin American community. He or she is knowledgeable about the community and its people, and has shown tremendous dedication to Hispanic Canadians throughout an extended period.

Innovation & Sustainability Company Award

A local company developing sustainable or innovative business in Latin America. This company is a leading example in positive change and responsibility for other companies.

Nomination Criteria:

He or she has achieved outstanding success in her field by:

Being a leader and role model

Breaking new ground or old barriers

Participating actively as a volunteer

Guiding, supporting and encouraging the development of other

Showing vision, creativity, and initiative

Making a sustained commitment and significant difference

Being respected by her community for her contributions

Donating time, expertise and/or financial support

Not receiving direct or indirect financial or other compensation for the service

Digital Influencer

An influencer and inspiration in Social Media. They have committed a large amount of their time showcasing their passions, developing a brand and giving a hint of their Latin American ties in the many Social Networks existent.
The Digital Influencer will be chosen between the nominees of the Six previous categories, making it a stimulating win to conquer all social portals.